MWM has provided commercial audit training for various agencies, including Pacific Gas and Electric in 4 California locations (San Francisco, Stockton, Chico, and San Jose) over the past few years. The most recent trainings in Southern Nevada Water Authority in 2019; Arizona Municipal Water Users (AMWUA), AWWA Pacific Northwest Section,and Fort Collins in 2018; Gilbert, AZ focusing on cooling tower efficiency in September 2017 and the Monterey Peninsula Water District/California American Water. The class includes a section on recycled water and rainwater capture.

MWM can provide the following:

Description of presentation materials for classroom portion of training Based on previous trainings, MWM has materials that are readily available and regularly updated. MWM provides PowerPoint presentations on the following topic areas (individual modules) that may be used for various commercial trainings: MWM recommends a mixture of classroom instruction and hands-on training. Our format provides a comprehensive overview of the most common and key commercial, institutional and industrial water uses. However, the set-up is flexible and topics can be added or removed if desired after the review of materials by the client. The training topics previously listed are too comprehensive for a 1-day training, but can easily be reduced to the appropriate desired training length. Description of water audit materials for field portion of class MWM demonstrates both electronic and paper data collection techniques, providing examples of electronic software data collection in the field, as well as providing paper forms for use. The field survey time supports the classroom instruction and may include tours of kitchens, restrooms, landscape, and cooling towers. During the field training portion, MWM will utilize all accessible facilities, being very comfortable in a commercial setting, having completed over 200 water audits over the past two decades.


Haley Paul:

The services provided by Maddaus Water Management (MWM) met our needs and exceeded our expectations. Working hand in hand with Michelle Maddaus, we planned a customized training that equipped our water conservation professionals with the information they needed to feel confident to perform commercial, institutional, and industrial (CII) water assessments. The amount of resources that we were left with to continue our education was phenomenal. My staff has utilized the custom software tool provided by MWM in subsequent CII water assessments and it has expedited our data gathering process while out in the field. We are grateful to the staff at MWM for their expertise, professionalism, and services provided to our agencies.

Conservation Pros Sharpen Skills to Help Businesses

Amy Meaut:

“Back in the office and I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! Your Water Audit class these past three days was honestly the best training I have ever attended. I learned so much that I wish it had been a full week of class! I‘m excited to continue to learn more on my own with the new Water Audit software tool. Thank you for providing that tool to us, and again, thank you for the useful and helpful training. I can’t wait to use what I learned in the near future.” - Amy Meaut, Project Specialist, City of Hillsboro Water Department in Oregon

Teresa Gomez:

“I truly have nothing but good things to say about Michelle Maddaus and her entire MWM team. I have worked with Michelle on both our Water Conservation Master Plan and the subsequent update, as well as in various other capacities over the last several years. Throughout every project she has been a consummate professional, extremely thorough and precise, who dedicates herself and her team to ensuring that each organization she works with develops a dynamic, living plan that is uniquely suited to that specific organization. As leaders in the field of water use efficiency, Michelle, Lisa, Bill and the entire MWM team deliver not only a quality product, but a full suite of tools that surpass anything else available in the field today. Lastly, something that I truly appreciate and admire is Michelle’s sincere kindness and generous spirit in bringing people and organizations together who share a commitment and passion for water conservation and water use efficiency. It doesn’t matter whether you’re currently working with her on a project or you last worked together 10 years earlier, she makes it a practice to match up those in whom she finds a common thread or element that will be of benefit to each. To me, this not only strengthens my organization, but it strengthens the industry as a whole. You won’t find a more qualified organization or delivery of a better product.”